Guys, Halloween is upon us!!! I love Halloween, if you haven’t noticed already. I love going out and trick or treating. The best halloween I have ever had is definitely last year. I went around trick or treating for about 3 hours and I walked 1/2 miles away. I came back with a large Halloween sweet basket full to the brim and I had so … Continue reading Halloween

My experience going up the volcano in Costa Rica.

I am so sorry I haven’t done a blog post for over a week, but I have been very busy with homework and other things I do outside of school. Hopefully now I will be able to do posts more frequently. So here is my experience going up Volcano Irazu, when I went to Costa Rica: As I slowly and steadily paced up the volcano … Continue reading My experience going up the volcano in Costa Rica.

Back to school

On Wednesday I go back to school, this year is quite important to me because this is the year that I start working towards my GCSE’s. The subjects that I have chosen are Spanish, History, Geography and PY (Philosophy and ethics). I am actually looking forward to going back to school because I really love learning and I love seeing my friends and I get … Continue reading Back to school