Ghost story script

One of my main hobbies is writing and I really like writing fictional stories and this is one of my favourite stories I have written.

EXT: Night, Scary woods.

Girl and her two friends are walking though the woods.

Friend 1: (to friend 2) I’ve got an idea, lets leave her behind and run off, it would be so funny.

Friend 2: Yeah sure lets go.

The two friends run away and leave the girl behind. The girl notices they are gone and she gets scared.

Girl: Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?! (she screams).

The girl has been killed in the woods and she turns into a ghost who haunts anyone who dares enter the woods and she vows that she will have her revenge on her old friends.

Two women enter the woods and the ghost spots them. The ghost taps them on the shoulder from behind and creeps them out.

Person 1: Hello? Who was that? It’s not funny!

Person 2: (to the other woman) I think we should go, this is really creeping me out.

The ghost appears before them and haunts them.

Ghost: Leave!! Now!! Before it is too late.

Both women run out of the woods screaming in fear and they go out of sight and the ghost walks away into the night.

The following night, the full moon is high in the sky and the ghost feels ready for her revenge.

Ghost: (looking into the sky) I am ready for my revenge on those girls who left me for dead.

All of a sudden the ghost notices that a ghost hunter and his scared worker walk into the woods.

Ghost hunter: Blasted woods, I hope those women were telling the truth about a ghost in these woods.

Worker: (Nervous laugh) Yeah, same.

The ghost appears in front of the ghost hunter and him and the worker are terrified.

Ghost: Go!! Leave!! These are my woods. No one, I mean no one enters my woods now leave now.

The ghost hunter and the worker run away into the distance and out of the woods. The ghost, once again, looks up into the sky.

Ghost: Four years ago, I was abandoned by two girls who I thought were my friends, but they left me for dead. Today is the day when I shall have my revenge.

Both of the ghosts’ old friends walk into the woods nervously.

Friend 1: I can’t believe a ghost was seen here.

Friend 2: I know! Hey what if it’s our old friend we played a prank on in the woods all those years ago?

Friend 1: Nah it won’t be here. Well it might, I mean it could but, I mean… You know what you might be right.

The ghost listens to their conversation as they walk through the woods and she appears right in front of them.

Ghost: You abandoned me at a time when I needed you most. So for what you have done to me I now bestow upon you a terrible curse. From this moment on you will not live but nor will you be dead as immortal souls that shall live forever. You will feel nothing not the wind on your face, nor the touch of your skin and you shall watch everyone you know and love die before you.

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