Orlando Florida

I went to Florida during the Easter break and because it was during the holidays where the weather is at its best, flights were incredibly expensive so in the end we got a flight from Heathrow to Newark and on a different plane Newark to Florida. By doing this it was £3,000 cheaper for our family of 4 than one flight there and back and I would definitely recommend doing something like this.
I didn’t go to Disney Land but I did go to Universal Studios, Island o Adventure, Sea World and Busch Gardens. I went to Florida hating roller coasters but after getting older and going there I have loved them. In my opinion, after going on almost all the rides and all the experiences I thought that I would recommend for roller coaster lovers and haters which rides they would enjoy. 1 means Anything, 2 means almost everything, 3 means in the middle, 4 means unsure, 5 means hater of roller coasters and 6 means something to do with the family:
Universal Studios: Despicable me minion mayhem: Amazing but long cue and good for everyone.Shrek 4-D: Again amazing and I loved it and good for everyone.Hogwarts Express: Great for the family and all others good for everyone.Escape from Gringotts: Fantastic with cool waiting area. Good for 1,2,3 and 6 MEN IN BLACK alien attack: Amazing and so much fun. Good for 1,2,3,4 and 6 Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket: Amazing roller coaster. Good for 1 and 2
In the Harry Potter world There were also all the sites to see like Platform 9 3/4, Diagon Alley, pubs and restaurants, Ice cream parlours, Knight Bus, House of Black and Ollivanders where you can buy your own wands. They also have gift shops and sweet shops. Because the Harry Potter world is so popular queues were mentally busy, even in Ollivanders the queues to buy wands was all the way outside the shops. I went back to parks multiple times and the first and second time I went to Universal studios the queues of the Gringotts ride were over 2 hours but we didn’t want to wait that long so the third time we went we got there by 10am and we only waited 25 – 45 minutes. That is something I highly recommend doing if you are not the biggest fan of long queues. The Hogwarts Express takes you from Universal to Island o Adventure and you can take the same train back the other way where all the other Harry Potter rides ad experiences are.
Island of Adventure: The incredible Hulk coaster: Phenomenal ride. Good for 1 and possibly Harry Potter and the forbidden journey: It was my favourite phenomenal good for 1,2,3,4 and 6 Ride of the Hippogriff: 1 hour wait and I wasn’t overly impressed with the ride good for 4 and 6
In the Harry Potter world there was also the huge castle, another Ollivanders, pubs and restaurants, frog choirs and performances. Across the park there were really nice restaurants and places to eat were the food as good but we had problems finding places that either weren’t full up or where there were free tables to sit at. I didn’t do an awful lot at Island of Adventure so I that is the one that I know the least about.
Sea World: Manta: Really scary an you are tipped up so you look down good for 1 and 2. Mako: Really scary with 90 degree drop amazing roller coaster good for 1 and 2 Kraken unleashed: No words to describe how amazing it was good for 1 and maybe 2.Turtle Trek: Amazing and great for everyone and full of knowledge too good for all. Journey to Atlantis: Great and lots of fun good for 1,2,3 maybe 4 and 6. Antarctica: Empire of the penguins: Amazing and quite heart warming good for all.
My family decided we would like to do a dolphin experience so we booked a 10 minute experience with a grown dolphin so we got to stroke and feel them, feed them and even play some mini games with them. There were many things like that to do like feeding rays and manatee interaction but another one which we didn’t do was a 40 minute experience with a baby dolphin but we couldn’t touch them and physically interact so we did the other one and they also take photos and yo can buy them like we did as a memento for the experience. I also went to see the killer whale show, dolphin show and the lion and sea otter show. All 3 of them were amazing and wondrous to behold however I am a huge nature lover so despite how much I love the shows I believe that these animals should live in their natural habitat. Around the park there were many shallow pools with rays in them swimming around and you were allowed to put your hand in and feel them and I really can’t describe what they felt like but it was really cool and something I would do again if I came across the opportunity.
Busch Gardens: Cobra’s Curse: Fantastic ride and one I loved good for 1,2 maybe 3 and perhaps 6. Falcon’s Fury: Terrifying, just like a sky dive which I hate good for 1 only. Cheetah Hunt: My favourite out of all the rides phenomenal good for 1,2 and 6. SheiKra: Amazing hanging over the edge of a 90 degree fall good for 1 and 2. Montu: Fantastic, a rid I will never forget and sit at the front good for 1 and 2. Kumba: Amazing Roller coaster and one I did several times good for 1,2 and maybe 6.Congo River Rapids: Amazing water ride and I loved it good for 1,2,3,4 and 6.Scorpion: Really great ride and a lot of fun good for 1,2 and 3. Sand Serpent: Really fun with very tight corners good for 1,2,3,4 and 6.
I went there multiple times and on some of the rides I didn’t even have a 5 minute wait and I went on so many rides so many times. Busch gardens is definitely a place to go if you are a roller coaster lover Busch Gardens is definitely the place for you to go.
We booked our tickets with America Attractions and we booked multi – day tickets for all 4 parks and we could have a maximum of 14 days at each park. and it could be stretched across a long period of time and we got discount with it as well and it isn’t to expensive and it is convenient because on some days queues have been so long we have only been able to go on 4 rides in a day if you also wanted to do the same ride multiple times it is convenient. I definitely recommend booking tickets like these if you went there.
I went to many different restaurants outside the parks which were phenomenally good, I would say the best place for breakfast is Denny’s and I think the full breakfasts especially the hash browns and also all milkshakes have to be tried if you are to go there. Other restaurants near a Denny’s I went to are The Outback which is a steak house and I recommend the pork, it still is the best, most amazing pork I have every tasted. Another great restaurant I went to many times was called The Red Lobster which as you can probably tell is a sea food restaurant. In The Red Lobster we found that the portions were to big so we ordered 2 sea food platters to share between the 4 of us and it was perfect. These were by far the best restaurants.

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