Spy movie script

Scene 1

INT: day, school, classroom

Students begin to walk into their geography classroom where their teacher is standing in front of them.

Teacher: Finally, we meet again… for the pop quiz that you have all been dreading on flags. Get your pencil cases out and start the test.

All students: Ugh (groaning).

Students shuffle to their seats and do a test on flags. Fade to black and the test is finished and the end of day bell rings.

Teacher: Right that is it so if you’d like to pack away see you all next week.

Students all quickly walk out the classroom and out the front door.

A boy and a girl (friends) are walking out of school together when both their phones ring at the same time. They both pick up the phone and it is the same person.

Girl: Hello, who is this?

Boy: What on earth is going on?

H: Don’t worry, my name is ‘H’ I have a job that both of you need to do. I am standing where you have your lunch every day I am waiting.

‘H’ hangs up the phone and the boy and the girl feel nervous but walk to where they are told to go.

Scene 2

Ext: Afternoon, outside, school site.

Boy and girl walk for a while and finally they get to where they have their lunch and a dark hooded figure is stood in front of them.

Boy: Are you ‘H’?

H: Sure I am.

Girl: What is it you want us to do? What’s your real name?

H: My real name is classified but beside the point, I am in charge of a secret spy agency and in your school lurks a villain, I have been onto students at this school to take down the villain and I need your help to catch them.

Boy: So what, were secret agents now?

H: Technically you are secret, undercover agents.

Girl: Hold on, you have to have the wrong person, I mean neither of us can either do a kartw-

H: I have not got you mixed up with someone else. The reason you were picked is because no one would suspect you of being secret agents and you are hmm.

Boy: Oh well you ain’t no royal painting yourself buddy… Anyway what do we have to do?

H: So one of our most valued agents acted as a school inspector and one of the cooks poisoned their food which would have killed him but he survived and is in the hospital now trying to recover and apparently she or he plans to poison the whole school, your task is to find out who it is. You have 3 days, don’t let me down.

The boy and the girl walk away slowly and ‘H’ leaves a different way.

Scene 3

INT: Morning, school corridor.

Boy and girl are walking and feel really nervous.

Girl: I am so scared, our time is nearly up and we have nothing!

Boy: We still have some time.

Boy and girl are walking and they see both the cooks and one walks away and they follow the other and they see her put some poison in a cup.

Girl: (Whisper) what do we do?

Boy: (Whisper) we phone H.

Girl grabs her phone and contacts H.

H: (On the other line) what have you got?

Girl: I know who it was, we caught them red handed.

H: I’m on my way.

H hangs up the phone.

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