Daily round

Sorry but a very busy day today with school and lots of homework although I did want to post something today so I have the fact, joke and riddle of the day.

Fact of the day: Surgeons who spend three hours a week playing video games make fewer mistakes during operations.

Joke of the day: What is a group of kids called? A migraine.

Riddle of the day: There is a man and he lives in a flat on the 10th floor and every day he goes to the lift and he goes all the way down and out the door and every day when he goes home he goes into the lift and goes up to level 5 and walks the rest of the way. Why?

Leave in the comments if you think you know. Also leave a comment and drop a like if you like these sorts of posts and want to see more. I love to read your comments and will reply to as many as I possibly can.

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