Spanish phrases

Here are some phrases which will be useful if you ever visit Spain, or another Spanish speaking country

  • Hola – Hello
  • Como te llamas? – What’s your name?
  • Buenos noches – Good evening
  • Adios – Goodbye
  • Disculpe me – Excuse me
  • Gracias – Thank you
  • Por favor – please
  • Hablas ingles? – Do you speak English?
  • Donde esta el bano? – Where is the bathroom?
  • No entiendo – I don’t understand
  • Hablo un poco Español – I speak a bit of Spanish
  • Si – yes
  • No – no
  • Me gustaria – I would like
  • Cuanto cuesta? – How much?
  • Puede tomar una foto por favor? – Can you take a photo please?
  • Me duele la cabeza – I have a headache
  • Tengo dolor de estomago – I have a stomach ache
  • Estamos perdidos – I am looking for

Fact of the day: Owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue

Joke of the day:

Q. What is the biggest lie in the entire universe? “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.”

Riddle of the day: There are twenty cows in a field, Eight of the cows have died, how many are left in the field

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