French Phrases

Here are some phrases, which will be useful if you ever visit France, or another French speaking country.

  • Bonjour – Hello
  • Comment t’appeles tu? – What’s your name?
  • Bonsoir – Good evening
  • Au revoir – Good bye
  • Excusez moi – Excuse me
  • Merci – Thank you
  • S’il vous plait – Please
  • Parlez vous anglais? – Do you speak English?
  • Je parle un peu fracais – I speak a little bit of French
  • Oui – Yes
  • Non – No
  • Je voudrais – I would like
  • Combien? – How much?
  • J’ai mal a la tete – I have a headache
  • J’ai mal au ventre – I have a stomach ache
  • Nous sommes perdus – We a are lost
  • Je cherche – I am looking for
  • Est-ce que vous pourriez prendre un photo, s’il vous plait? – Can you take a photo please?

Fact of the day: An average person spends 25 years of their life asleep.

Joke of the day: Why should you stand in the corner if you get cold? It’s always 90 degrees.

Riddle of the day: There are 30 cows in a field, 28 chickens, how many chickens.

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