Places that I want to go on holiday

I have got a long life ahead of me and I really like travel and I have a very detailed plan for what countries and cities I want to visit in my life and I wanted to share that with you and why I want to go there.

  • Australia – A beautiful country full of adventure and amazing experiences.
  • Japan – Has amazing cities and is a big producer of gaming and food.
  • China – My dad has been there and says that it is amazing and is defiantly worth seeing.
  • India – Absolutely beautiful culture, food, design, everything.
  • Masdar – This is a beautiful Asian city that is fully sustainable and beautiful.
  • Kenya – I have always wanted to see lions close up and Kenya is where you can do it.
  • Corfu – Beautiful Greek island with lovely food and hotels.
  • Italy – I love Italian food and there is no better place to get Italian food than from Italy.
  • Vegas – I have always wanted to go to the city and especially the casinos.
  • Mexico – In Mexico there is a beautiful city called Baja and in Baja you can get really close to whales which is something I have always wanted to do.
  • Bahamas – The Bahamas are a beautiful set of islands with stunning beaches and amazing tourist attractions.
  • Caribbean – In my opinion the most beautiful place on earth
  • Brazil – A beautiful country with stunning setting and beautiful forests.
  • Peru – One of my favourite films is ‘Paddington’ and Peru is where it started and I just really want to visit it and it is a beautiful country.

Fact of the day: The fastest fish in the sea is the swordfish, which can reach speeds of 68 MPH.

Joke of the day: What vegetables do librarians like? Quiet Peas

Riddle of the day: What is harder to catch the faster you run?

Leave in the comments what you think the answer to the riddle is. Also leave me a comment to tell me the places that you want to visit, I would love to know where you want to go.

Also drop a like if you enjoyed reading this post and want me to write more like this one.

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