Weird dishes from around the world

Here is a list of unusual foods that are served in countries all over the world:

If you have problems with animal cruelty you might find this quite upsetting.

  • Pig’s organs in blood sauce (Philippines)
  • Baked bat (Samoa)
  • Crispy roast termites (Swaziland)
  • Roast field mouse (Mexico)
  • Weaver moths in their nests (Zaire)
  • Parrot pie (Australia)
  • Bee grubs in coconut cream (Thailand)
  • Guinea pig (Peru)
  • Queen white ants (South Africa)
  • Calf udder croquettes (France)
  • Coconut cream marinated dog (Indonesia)
  • Mice in cream (Arctic)
  • Starling stew with olives (Turkey)
  • Stewed cane rat (Ghana)
  • Water beetle cocktail sauce (Laos)
  • Turtle ragout (Mexico)
  • Stuffed bear paw (Romania)
  • Red ant chutney (India)
  • Squid ink pasta (Kos)
  • Baked muskrat(Canada)
  • Raw octopus (Hawaii)
  • Calf’s lung and heart in a paprika sauce (Hungary)
  • Fox tongues (Japan)
  • Pig’s face (Ireland)
  • Silkworm pupae soup (Vietnam)
  • Cajun squirrel ravioli (US)
  • Turtle casserole (Fiji)
  • Lambs’ tails and honey (Morocco)
  • Sun-dried maggots (China)

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