Uses of different plants

Here is a list of plants that we use in things we have every day:

  • Coffee beans for coffee.
  • Rubber trees for tyres and sports equipment.
  • Sugar cane for sugar.
  • Cotton for fabric.
  • Cocoa for chocolate
  • Bamboo for furniture
  • Wheat for bread
  • Grass for animal feed
  • Fir trees for paper
  • Beach trees for furniture
  • Oranges for orange juice
  • Willow for baskets
  • Tea leaves for tea
  • Beans for baked beans
  • Foxgloves for heart medicine
  • Lavender for soap
  • Woad for blue dye 

Fact of the day: A sneeze travels at 600 miles per hour

Joke of the day: A woman’s anger is like a check engine light. There is no way to figure out why it came on. Just ignore it and hope it goes way.

Riddle of the day: How many seconds are in a year. As a challenge try to do it without a calculator.

Leave in the comments what you think the answer to the riddle also tell me whether you managed to do it without a calculate. Drop a like if you enjoyed reading this post and want me to write more like this one. Remember to leave in the comments if you liked the joke.

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