Here are a few facts about a really large dinosaur that was incredibly unique:

The egg of the gigantoraptor was the largest egg ever to have been laid.

It was around 60 cm long and weighed about 5 kilos.

It lived around 85 million years ago.

The female would sit on its eggs for about 80 days.

It was the largest raptor ever to have been discovered.

From tail to beak tip it was 8 metres in length. 

The nests would often try to get hunted so the eggs could be eaten. However the mothers were amazing protectors of their eggs.

The egg shell was incredibly strong.

The ostrich egg is the largest egg in the animal kingdom today and the gigantoraptor egg is 3 times longer and 5 times heavier.

The ostrich egg can withstand 130 kilos.

The gigantoraptor egg can withstand 380 kilos which is more than 4 fully grown adults.

Fact of the day: The noise made by a pistol shrimp is so loud that it can shatter glass.

Joke of the day: Love is like a deck of cards, at first its all hearts and diamonds, but in the end, you just want a club and a spade.

Riddle of the day: I have hands but I cannot clap. What am I?

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