Tyrannosaurus Rex

Here are a few facts about the iconic, most famous dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex:

It is 13 metres long, longer than a bus, and is the world’s largest predator.

Its head is around a metre and a half long.

The T-Rex has around 60 banana sized teeth.

The T-Rex had a bite force of over 6 tones.

The T-Rex had the power to take down a car with only its bite in under 5 minutes.

The T-Rex is 11 and a half metres which is around the same as a challenger-2 tank.

The T-Rex would have beat Spinosaurus in a fight.

The T-Rex had huge size, incredible speed and an amazing bite at 95%

Fact of the day: When a hippo gets upset it’s sweat turns red.

Joke of the day: What is the saddest fruit? Blueberry!

Riddle of the day: What heavy seven letter word can you take two away from

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