Simple tutorial to a desk tidy

I am so sorry that I didn’t do a post yesterday. I would have loved to do one on my birthday but unfortunately I was very busy and I didn’t have time. Luckily I am able to do one today.

I always find it when you have so much stuff and there is nowhere to put that stuff so here is a simple step by step guide to making a simple desk tidy.

You will need:

  • 3 cardboard tubes
  • 2 sheets of wrapping paper
  • A piece of cardboard about 20cm x 15cm
  • 4 empty matchboxes
  • Scissors and glue
  • 4 split pins
  1. Cut the cardboard tubes into different lengths. Cut out pieces of wrapping paper big enough to go round the tubes.
  2. Wrap a piece of paper round each tube. Glue the edges together and fold in the overlap at each end.
  3. Lay the piece of card on some wrapping paper. Draw it round it and cut out the paper. Glue it on the card to make the base.
  4. Take the draws out of the matchboxes. Cut 4 strips of wrapping paper, the same width and twice as long as the drawers. Wrap them round the drawers and glue them on.
  5. Push a split pin through the middle of one end of each drawer. Bend back the arms of the drawer.
  6. Glue the 4 matchboxes together to form a larger box. Cut out a piece of paper long enough to go round them all.
  7. Glue on the paper all the way round. Trim off the edges. Glue the boxes onto a corner of the base.
  8. Put glue round one end of each tube and stick them onto the base. Glue them together when they touch.

Fact of the day: A female mosquito can produce 150,000,000 young in one year.

Joke of the day: Lets take all those cheesy science jokes. And Barium.

Riddle of the day: The more you take the more you leave behind.

If you know the answer to the riddle leave it in the comments below. Drop a like if you enjoyed reading this post and want me to write more like this one. Remember to tell me in the comments if you like the joke I put up there today.

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