Day 2

Day 2 has been a very good day. It was much less tiring than Monday. The kids are becoming more and more open and more importantly they are so cute.

The day seems to be going so much quicker than Monday which is nice because every day is quite tiring but it is quite sad that the week is going so quickly because I love Lighthouse and I will have to wait another year for the amazing opportunity.

Fact of the day: There are 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000) insects alive at any time.

Joke of the day: I bought a dog from a blacksmith. As soon as I got it home, it made a bolt for the door.

Riddle of the day: You go at red but stop at green. What am I?

If you know the answer to the riddle leave it in the comments below. Drop a like if you enjoyed reading this post. Remember to tell me in the comments if you like the joke I put up there today.

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