Day 3

Today has been quite a crazy day. There has been this one child, in my group who I needed to be with all day. In the morning they had an issue with the noise made in the main tent so I had to take them out and I ended up playing games with them for half an hour and by the time I got her away it was time for the games session so I ended up playing games for another half an hour.

Luckily after games, I had a break while they made a bracelet. Afterwards they ate lunch but they had an issue with the wasps who were on the field and in the tents. so we ended up going into a completely different tent to eat lunch. Then they didn’t want to go into the main tent because it was too noisy again and she started feeling ill. So we ended up playing games and sitting in first aid for the next half an hour. The after that we went to watch some drama and the child I was with said that she was too hot so I had to sit in the entrance to the tent and then they said they felt ill so they ended up lying on the floor.

Very luckily by the end of the day they were feeling okay and nothing else needed to happen with them so I was able to help the other people I was doing the job with at the last part.

I definitely wouldn’t say it was a bad day but I did feel a little bit bad for the people I did it with because I left the other three to help with all the other children while I devoted my time to one child all day long but they said it was fine and that someone had to be with them. They are such great friends and I really hope to stay in contact with them.

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