Horses in WW1

Here are some facts about the use of horses in World War 1:

  • When the British were after horses for the WW1 cavalry they got 140,000 in only a few weeks.
  • The British sent 1 million horses to France and only 62,000 returned.
  • 256,000 horses died on the Western front alone. 58,000 by enemy fire and the rest by illness and battle conditions.
  • The RBAVC treated 725,000 horses and they saved 529,000 of them.
  • One of the reasons the Germans lost the war was because their vet service was less effective.
  • 136,000 Australian horses shipped off to war and only one returned home.
  • 2% of all the horses used in the war were in the cavalry. The other 98% were used for transport.
  • Most horses that died during WW1 died from exhaustion, disease and extreme weather conditions.

Fact of the day: Whether or not you dream in black and white depends on whether you watched black-and-white television.

Joke of the day: Which spice girl can carry the most petrol? Geri can. Joke of the day:

Riddle of the day: Mr Brown was killed on Sunday afternoon. The wife said she was reading a book. The butler said He was taking a shower. The chef said he was making breakfast. The maid said she was folding clothes, and the gardener said he was planting tomatoes. Who did it?

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