I am so sorry I haven’t done a post is so long and I am going to more but I have had some amazing past three days.

On Sunday I went out shopping with one of my best friends. We were out all day and I had so much fun. I bought a cute hand mirror, a beautiful watch, some DVDs and my sisters birthday present.

On Monday I did an all day First Aid Training Course. It was fantastic we learned how to bandage wounds, put people in the recovery position, master CPR, use a defibrillator, symptoms of shock and we talked a lot about how to deal with simple things like burns, stings, fingers getting trapped in car doors, broken bones and even bruises. My favourite part was probably when we were demonstrating the different types of bleeding and we took water guns and squerted each other. (Arterial bleeding).

On Tuesday I went to Thorpe Park for one of my friends, birthday party. There were three of us and we were there from 10am to 6:30pm, Because it is almost halloween we were there for fright night and neither me or my friends like zombies, I got jumped at by one and I screamed and later me and one of my friends were being chased by a very scary actor pretending to be a zombie and both of us ran away, it was so much fun. The first ride I went on was the ‘Swarm’. It was fantastic and It felt amazing. The second ride I did was called rush. It is basically two massive swings that swing you rediculeous heights and they were so big that you could put 16 people on one swing. This was my least favourite ride out of all of them, the only safety was a simple thing that goes across the thighs and it wasn’t very secure so the moment before I would fall again I wouldn’t be sat in the seat and that was the worst part but it was still great. After that we got some doughnuts and we went for a walk but all the cues were very long so we went for an early lunch at KFC

After that we went on a ride called ‘Nemesis Inferno’ which was my favourite ride. The theme of the ride is a volcano and you go through cave and at the bottom is red lights and it fires steam up at you and it is so cool. We also did ‘Colossus’. It was so cool, It moves your head around a lot and I hit my head at least four times. The ride had four ‘corkscrews’ in a row and a little later there was a fifth one. I also went on a ride called Rumba Rapids which were quite calm and relaxing which was nice at the end of a busy day. The only thing I didn’t do which I wanted to do was Saw but the waiting times were 80 minutes then 90 minutes then 70 minutes and we didn’t have enough time so the next time I go that will be one of the ones I do first.

Today I am going to calve my pumpkin for halloween and buy some halloween sweets.

Tomorrow, which is Halloween, I am going to my Great-Granny’s because I haven’t seen her in ages so that will be lovely and later I will be putting on a scary film and be eating loads of sweets.

And on Friday I am going to a sleepover at my friends which will be so much fun, I am really looking forward to the rest of the week.

Fact of the day: Male platypuses are venomous

Joke of the day: What kind of dog does a man who makes fences have? A border collie!

Riddle of the day: Feed me and I live, yet give me a drink and I die. What am I?

If you know the answer to the riddle leave it in the comments below. Drop a like if you enjoyed reading this post and please let me know how your holiday has been and what you are doing for the rest of it. Let me know in the comments if you liked the joke I put up today.

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