752 blurb

‘752’ is a story I started writing about a dystopian and a totalitarian society:

After a 200 years’ war a villain is in full control of a world where freedom is a distant myth. The Dictator is certain that nothing and no one can find their weakness to destroy everything they know. When one ordinary person finds something that is the only thing that that the evil Dictator is afraid of, the whole world goes upside down but, will they get out alive?

Fact of the day: Pi was almost legally defined as 3.2.

Joke of the day: The invisible man married the invisible woman. Their children were nothing to look at.

Riddle of the day: What goes up but never comes down

If you know the answer to the riddle leave it in the comments below. Drop a lie if you enjoyed reading this post and want to read the first part of the story.

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