Describing a location

Here is a description of a haunted house at the top of a hill:

Haunted lies the old building that sits upon the hill. A tale that seems as old as time, circles the world about the house upon the hill. Some say cursed, some say possessed, some stories are twisted and turned but they all mean the same thing.

It was tall and vast and every time I saw it, the building seemed to be larger and more devouring. Great pieces of wood pointed out the building like long arms that would reach out and grab anything it could and if anything flew down to perch on the pointed fingers it would be dragged to the bottom of the hill, which people say is where bodies of the victims of the wrath of the ‘house on the hill’ lay. All the doors and windows were locked up tight, like a plaster over a cut and that what lay behind the trapped space shouldn’t be exposed to the air we breathe.

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