Description of a creepy character

This is a description of a warden of a prison camp:

The presence of the warden gave all the prisoners shivers in their spines. He was tall and skinny and was made of more bones than blood. His skin was crusty like the surface of the sand below the prisoner’s feet. He carried a cane made of fire wood, covered with engravings of small lizards.

His clothes were old and dry like the pages of a book. The ground shuddered every time he took a step. His hands were dirty and covered in scares but no blood was shown. His hair was grey and black and looked like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. And he carried around a small gun in his left pocket.

His lips were burnt and dry but his skin was pale and dirty which reminded the prisoners of the horrible bed sheets in their cots. His nose was flat and his eyes were small as he squinted at the blinding sun.

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