New home

I am very excited as I have just moved into a brand new home. We bought the house a few months ago but when we bought it, the house wasn’t in the best condition so my dad and my sister have been completely renovating the whole house and now it is absolutely stunning.

The house we lived in before was only rented and it hadn’t been changed or adapted at all since it was built 30-40 years ago so the fact that we now own our own house which is modern, newly done and we can do anything we want with it is amazing.

The change in the house from when we brought it to now is phenomenal. We turned a conservatory into an extention to the house with a new roof. A brand new kitchen has been fitted. All but one of the rooms has been plastered and painted multiple times. All skirting boards, arcitraves, staircase and doors have been painted with 3-10 layers of gloss paint. We have put in a completely new electric system, plumbing system, boiler and radiators.

The location of the house is much better than our other house. It is only a ten minute drive but it is ten minutes to my school and it is only a stone’s throw away from my Grandparents which is a really nice thing. The move was quite stressful trying to fit all the boxes, putting the furniture in the right places, putting together the desks and beds, and also trying to set up the televisions and the brand new wifi system

Now we have finished on the interior of the house it is time to focus on the gardens and the exterior. Wishing my dad luck

Fact of the day: Cockroaches hear through their knees

Joke of the day: What did the boy say about the missing mop? It must have got cleaned away

Riddle of the day: A has fallen out of a window in a tall building, a detective has to work out if he jumped or if he was pushed. He goes on each floor, opens the window and throws a coin out of each window until he gets to the top. When he gets to the top he works out that the man was pushed, how?

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