My name is Emily Nix. My favourite colour is dark purple. I am in secondary school in England. I have a massive family.

The things that I like doing are sitting at home watching TV, hanging out with my friends, watching YouTube, playing my violin and singing, dancing and acting at my favourite drama group. 

People describe me as being a kind, thoughtful, stubborn, hardworking, sassy and funny.

The things I don’t like doing are exercise and sports, especially running because I am not and will never be a good runner.

My favourite foods are pasta, meats and pizza. I don’t like bacon, tomato ketchup, Brussels sprouts and avocado.

My dreams are to become a Journalist and write stories and get a book published. Another one of my dreams is to go to either Oxford or Cambridge University. One of my dreams is to become a grade 8 violinist before I go off to University. At the moment I am on grade 3 so I think that I am sure I can get there.

Also I love to write, that is why I have started writing my blog.