New home

I am very excited as I have just moved into a brand new home. We bought the house a few months ago but when we bought it, the house wasn’t in the best condition so my dad and my sister have been completely renovating the whole house and now it is absolutely stunning. The house we lived in before was only rented and it hadn’t … Continue reading New home

Fun facts about China

Over 93 million people in China have the surname of ‘Wang’. In China, surnames are written first. A woman doesn’t take her husband’s surname. China is one of the world’s most important countries. It has the largest population of 1.37 billion which is more than 1/7 of the world’s population. Roughly one in every five people is Chinese. It is the fourth biggest country by … Continue reading Fun facts about China

Fruit and veg; English to Spanish

Olive – Aceitura Avocado – Aguacate Garlic – Ajo Apricot – Albaricoque Haricot bean – Alubia Celery – Apio Broccoli – Brecol Pumpkin – Calabaza Cherry – Cerezas Plum – Ciruela Cabbage – Col Cauliflower – Coliflor Salad – Ensalada Spinach – Espinacas Raspberry – Frambuesa Strawberries – Fresas Fruit – Fruta Peas – Guisantes Lettuce – Lechuga Lime – Lima Lemon – Limon Fruit … Continue reading Fruit and veg; English to Spanish