This weighed around 10 tonnes and was a sauropod. Sarmientosaurus had incredibly powerful hearing and could specifically hear the lowest frequency. Some scientists believed they communicated with their frequency and they could make it travel to other dinosaurs even if they were over the horizon. Fact of the day: Flamingos can live for 50 years. Joke of the day: DOCTOR: So, what brings you here? … Continue reading Sarmientosaurus


Velociraptors were actually quite small, standing no more than a metre tall and weighing around 15 kilograms. The velociraptor also had feathers. They ran up to 40 miles per hour. They hunted in groups. In the movies velociraptor disembowelled their prey to kill it but in real life they didn’t or couldn’t do that. What they actually did was they stabbed their victim to puncture … Continue reading Velociraptor