A recipe for a perfect birthday cake

My birthday is on the 17th July which is only a few days from now so I thought that this close to my birthday I should write down a recipe for the ideal chocolate birthday cake: Ingredients 175g (6oz) plain chocolate. 6 tbsp water 175g (6oz) butter or margarine 175g (6oz) soft dark brown sugar 4 large eggs 90g (3oz) ground almonds (optional) 90g (3oz) … Continue reading A recipe for a perfect birthday cake

Sweets – and when they were introduced

I absolutely love sweets and if you do too this will be a good post for you. Here is a list of when sweets were introduced: Fry’s chocolate cream – 1866 Toblerone – 1900 Cadbury’s dairy milk – 1905 Cadbury’s Bournville – 1910 Mars bar – 1923 Crunchie – 1929 Terry’s all gold – 1932 Rowntree’s black magic – 1933 Kit-Kat – 1935 (For the … Continue reading Sweets – and when they were introduced

Weird dishes from around the world

Here is a list of unusual foods that are served in countries all over the world: If you have problems with animal cruelty you might find this quite upsetting. Pig’s organs in blood sauce (Philippines) Baked bat (Samoa) Crispy roast termites (Swaziland) Roast field mouse (Mexico) Weaver moths in their nests (Zaire) Parrot pie (Australia) Bee grubs in coconut cream (Thailand) Guinea pig (Peru) Queen … Continue reading Weird dishes from around the world

Foods for healthy skin

Here is a list of ten foods, which I have found are meant to improve your skins appearance: Peppermint: This is a calmer and stress reliever (common acne aggravation). Tomatoes: They are rich in vitamin c, which helps keep your skin firm and taut. They also stimulate skin circulation. Watercress: Is full of antioxidants and is also a powerful cleansing agents, which nourishes skin whilst … Continue reading Foods for healthy skin

Citrus and raspberry cheesecake

Ingredients 110g digestive biscuit crumb 2oz butter, melted 250g Cream cheese, softened 5 ½ oz granulated sugar 1 tbsp. corn-flour 1 tbsp. lemon juice 1 tbsp. lemon zest 3 eggs 9 ½ oz fresh raspberries 1 tbsp. icing sugar Method Preheat the oven to 180*C Mix the digestive crumbs and butter; press the mixture onto the bottom of a spring-form pan. Beat the cream mixture … Continue reading Citrus and raspberry cheesecake