New home

I am very excited as I have just moved into a brand new home. We bought the house a few months ago but when we bought it, the house wasn’t in the best condition so my dad and my sister have been completely renovating the whole house and now it is absolutely stunning. The house we lived in before was only rented and it hadn’t … Continue reading New home


Guys, Halloween is upon us!!! I love Halloween, if you haven’t noticed already. I love going out and trick or treating. The best halloween I have ever had is definitely last year. I went around trick or treating for about 3 hours and I walked 1/2 miles away. I came back with a large Halloween sweet basket full to the brim and I had so … Continue reading Halloween

Back to school

On Wednesday I go back to school, this year is quite important to me because this is the year that I start working towards my GCSE’s. The subjects that I have chosen are Spanish, History, Geography and PY (Philosophy and ethics). I am actually looking forward to going back to school because I really love learning and I love seeing my friends and I get … Continue reading Back to school

How many people will be on the planet in the future?

Today there are around 7,710,000,000 people in the world. Here are some of the best projections for the future: 2010: 6,972,000,000 2015:7,494,000,000 2020: 8,056,000,000 2025: 8,660,000,000 2030: 9,308,000,000 2035:10,006,000,000 Fact of the day: Silkworms aren’t worms, they’re caterpillars. Joke of the day: What do Donald Trump and pumpkins have in common? They are orange on the outside, hollow on the inside and should be tossed … Continue reading How many people will be on the planet in the future?